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Matthew's Creations is home of the Famous Traditional Portuguese Holy Ghost Gazebos Houses, Holy Ghost Bracelets and the exclusive seller of the Santo dos Milagres Bracelets

Our Creations:

  • Holy Ghost Gazebo Houses (We Now Have Three Sizes)
  • Santo Cristo Gazebo Houses
  • Our Lady of Fatima House
  • Silver Bracelets similar to Alex/Ani Style Bracelets
  • Pillows (Sports, Home Sweet Home, Holy Ghost, etc..)
  • Wooden Crosses
  • Wooden Jewelry Boxes
  • Wooden Cross Necklaces
  • Wooden Cross Key Chains
  • Holy Ghost Bracelets
  • Sports Bracelets
  • Holy Ghost Jewelry & Pins
  • Religious Items
  • and Much More!

Nós Vendemos:

  • Impérios do Divino Espírito Santo (Três Tamanhos)
  • Impérios do Sr. Santo Cristo
  • Impérios da N. Sra. de Fatima
  • Cruzes feitas de madeira
  • Caixas de jóias de madeira
  • Carroças Feito de Madeira
  • Colares cruz de Madeira
  • E munto mais!

In the News

Matthew Rodrigues. Day of Portugal festival in New Bedford draws thousands

From O Jornal June 10, 2017

Portugal Day in New Bedford,MA

"Artisan Matthew Rodrigues showcases his work."

From O Jornal June 12, 2016

Portugal Day in New Bedford,MA

"Artisan Matthew Rodrigues showcases his work."

From O Jornal June 12, 2016

Portugal Day in New Bedford,MA
Picture taken by OJornal August 29, 2015 at Grandes Festas de Divino Espirito Santo Parade. (Matthew is on the right side)
"Artisan Matthew Rodrigues showcases his work."

From O Jornal June 26, 2015

Portugal Day in Fall River, MA

Interview with Jorge Morais from WJFD 97.3 FM. June 12, 2015

Dia de Portugal in New Bedford, MA
"At the artisan table, Matthew Rodrigues of Taunton, who built Holy Ghost gazebos for the festival, said he loves seeing his family's culture. "I love seeing the culture and different generations bring their kids and show them the culture of their family," said Rodrigues."

From Stardford Times June. 15, 2015

New Bedford, MA Portugal Day (LINK)

From O Jornal Aug. 29, 2014

Grandes Festas do Espirito Santo in Fall River, MA

From Fall River Herald News Aug. 22, 2014

Grandes Festas do Espirito Santo in Fall River, MA
Interviewed By Portuguese Channel in NJ. June 9, 2013
Portugal Day New Bedford, MA

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About Matthew

Matthew first started making his first clay figurines in early 2012. With a block of clay, water, and some tools it quickly became a talent that would stay with him. He then took his talent from sculpting to wood working. He started building his very popular Holy Ghost Gazebo Houses and in just under 3 years he made 100+ Gazebo Houses! Visit the about page and read Matthew's Bio.


New: Santo Cristo Bracelet

New: Holy Ghost Bracelets

Holy Ghost Gazebo Houses (Impérios do Divino Espírito Santo)

Large Holy Ghost Gazebo House

Small Holy Ghost Gazebo House

Saint Gazebo Houses (Impérios de Nossa Sra. Fatima e Santo Cristo)

Our Lady of Fatima House

Sr. Santo Cristo House

New Picture Page

Here is the link to all our events and Pictures of all of our events

Matthew's Creations, World Famous Holy Ghost Gazebos (Império do Espírito Santo)

Ordering a Holy Ghost Gazebo:

You can special order a Gazebo House. Our Houses come in 4 different sizes (Small Square, Small Round, Medium, and Large). All house come with lights inside with a variate of different styles of crowns inside. Colors of crowns are: Silver Crown(pictured above), and light purple/light pink stones (All crowns are included in the fixed price). I can email pictures of all listed crowns available.

All Information Sent through this form is 100% Private and does directly to Matthew. And currently this form bellow is only for Orders in Southeastern, MA & Rhode Island because it is Pick-up ONLY or meet in person (Web Store & shipping via USPS Coming Fall 2015)

Thank you for Sending your Order and/or asking for more information. We will get back to you as soon as possible, either by phone or email. Thanks, Matthew
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